Welcome to the Waiter Works demo

Thanks for taking the time to test drive the Waiter Works online food ordering system.

How to get started?

We've set up the Waiter Works demo just like a normal restaurant website. In fact, it would take you less than an hour of your time to set up your own Waiter Works powered website like this. We recommend first testing the Waiter Works system as an end user. Imagine you were one of your own customers browsing your menu online. Add items to your cart and go through the checkout.

After you've tested it out as a customer, login to the site as an administrator and see how easy it is to manage your own website. You can change the look and feel of the site, add or remove products, and generally look around.

You can login as an administrator by using these login details in the login form on the right hand side (note, if you went through the checkout you might be logged in as a customer so you'll need to Logout first and then you'll see the login form):

Username: admin

Password: password

What then?

We're confident you'll like what you see but we understand that testing a new system for 10 minutes is often not enough to decide whether it will work in your business. That's why we also offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. That's right. You can sign up for Waiter Works on any plan you like and if it's not for you just let us know by the 30th day and we'll refund your money.


Once you've tested out the demo and you think Waiter Works might be the right solution for your business, click here to sign up for the plan that suits you. Remember that all Waiter Works plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.